Creating the most sophisticated lighting entertainment products that function seamlessly without the added complexity of traditional gear is what drives the engineering team of SN3 Innovations.  


Our Mission

 Whether you're an advanced pro who understands all the in's and outs of the lighting industry or you've never touched lighting gear in your life, our products were designed specifically to meet the needs of both parties.  Our goal was to create a line of products which could entertain a crowd of people with the most simplest operational steps imaginable.  Traditional lighting gear requires a host of manual settings and adjustments in order to create an effective light show.  We took a step back and designed our lighting products from the ground up in order to eliminate those steps.  The result?...A host of lighting entertainment products which can be operated by the newest of users or controlled and manipulated by the most advanced lighting gurus on the planet.    

Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.
— Leonardo da Vinci