SN3 Innovations, LLC is breaking the mold in the lighting entertainment market.

SN3 Innovations, LLC is built around a team of engineers who have a passion for design and technology.  An engineering company founded by engineers!  The desire to create novel, state of the art electronics for lighting entertainment applications, requires the talent of the best design engineers in the industry...SN3 Innovations, LLC has that talent!  We design all of our products from the ground up, in house, addressing key limitations that are abundant in lighting gear found in the marketplace today.  The result is a collection of lighting entertainment equipment which can't be produced or copied by anyone else.  When you use lighting gear from SN3 Innovations, LLC you are using state-of-the-art equipment with a level of sophistication not found elsewhere.

All equipment is designed and assembled right here in the United States.  If you like to support US homegrown small businesses then your certainly in the right spot.    


T.Scott Notaro (President & CEO): Masters of Science (MS), and Bachelors of Science (BS), Electrical-Mechanical Engineering. Masters of Business Administration (MBA)

Douglas Scott Notaro (Director): Doctor of Philosophy (PhD), Masters of Science (MS), and Bachelors of Science (BS), Electrical Engineering

Gregory Scott Notaro (Vice President): Masters of Science (MS), and Bachelors of Science (BS), Electrical Engineering